Improvement Program

Company-wide Six Sigma programs ensure a comprehensive and sustainable improvement of business processes by Six Sigma projects. These projects can relate to current weaknesses in the quality, availability or consumption of inputs and resources and to challenges of the future, e.g. to cope increasing demand with existing resources.

Support: Establish and integrate a company-wide Six Sigma program
  • Six Sigma Board with management representatives and Six Sigma experts
  • Continuous identification of suitable and profitable Six Sigma project topics
  • Green and Black Belts for implementing and Yellow Belts for supporting projects

Project Support

Six Sigma and Lean Thinking are two complementary approaches to process improvement. It is therefore pointless to regard them as competitors. However, it is not always immediately clear whether a specific process problem should be dealt with Six Sigma or with Lean methods.

Support: Identification, implementation and evaluation of Six Sigma projects
  • Workshops to identify and evaluate new project topics
  • Project coaching